Who are we?

We are a small company who buy cell phones in Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo from big distributors of these brands, and wholesale in smaller quantity (20 to 100 units each time) to overseas customers.

We have been doing the same business in the cell phones spare parts and accessories for Apple and Samsung cell phones, and we will keep doing this for the next few year, but we will focus more on Chinese cell phone wholesales.

Why do we choose Chinese phones instead of Apple or Samsung refurbished phones?

A lot of businesses like us are buying used or broken phones from overseas and refurbish them and sell overseas again, because we got cheap spare parts here and low labor cost, but we believe that the quality of refurbished phone is NOT so stable.

Smart phones have been developed for the last 5 years, and Chinese people have been working on it and they are capable of assembling, testing and debugging these phones, therefore the quality is very stable and the price is going down day by day. If cell phone does not evolve from the current smart phones to some other forms like iWatch, Google Glasses, and so on, then the smart phone is getting cheaper and cheaper, and it is not worth of your time to repair, so the repair and spare part business will not be good, and stead, selling these phones will become better and better.

Chinese cell phone companies have not yet developed the customer services overseas, maybe only Huawei, but there are other brands that have no customer services overseas, so we would like to develop a good relationship with you who is capable of providing customer services to your local customers and buy cell phones from us in quantity.




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  1. I bought the phone tablet. It is locked in the emergency call mod . It is new but I can not get it to come out of the emergency mode. I never put in a pass word. Help. I would like to use this tablet-phone at least once please.
    How to reset it and how to get it out of emergency call mode

  2. Please let me have your contacts. I sell all types of refurbished phone touch pad and screen (LCD) in Nigeria. Please let know the type of phone screen and touch pad in your store and condition for purchase. Thank you.

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