Mobile phone price in the wholesale market

You may be surprised that the mobile phone price rising and falling so heavily in the wholesale market if you are new as a cell phone seller.

As a professional cell phone wholesaler, I have dealt with the cell phone business for a long time and I would like to share my ideas with you my friends.

Smart phone has a very good market since almost everyone will use cell phone nowadays, the cell phone competition in the market is fierce. So the price of cell phone is kind of clear. But in some case the price of the cell phone will rise and fall heavily, and that’s I’m going to share with you, as follows:

1. The total shipment from the cell phone company

For example, Xiaomi company will sell the phones to the wholesalers on Tuesday every week. When the total shipment is large enough, the price of the cell phone will drop down, otherwise the price will rise up. So if there is little quantity or not even one piece of some of the models from the cell phone company, and price of those models will rise up a lot.

2. The inventory difference between different suppliers

It always happens in the market. The prices are different when you are looking for the same item from different supply in the market. Though most of the time they will differ not so much but that depends. Some suppliers has got plenty of inventory of some models and are willing to sell them, in the meantime, another one has not enough of the models. So you may be surprised that the quotations differ a lot.

3. New cell phone model from the competitor

IPhone 6 may come to the market in China in about September, 2014. Many cell phones drop the price heavily 2-3 month in advance. For example, Xiaomi 3 dropped the price from about 1710 RMB to 1540 RMB during the past two weeks, and the Samsung reduced the production of the S5 25%, so do other cell phones.

4. High copy phone vs. Original phone
There are always high copy cell phone in the market which are cheap but the quality may be very bad because of the low cost. When the brand of the cell phone becomes popular, some people will manage to produce the high copy phones and sell to the market. So the price is very low than the original one. When you want to buy the original products, you need to be familiar with the products so you know the difference between them and need the reliable suppliers.

5. New model with attractive features to the market
For many of the consumers, they tend to buy the latest, fantastic, good features (good price with high configuration such as Xiaomi, Huawei or best quality and most popular such as iPhone, Samsung). When a new phone model comes to the market with small quantities, the price of the one may rise up a lot in a short time. Because everybody would like to buy it which may run out of stock every minute.

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