Why consumers in Europe and America like tempered glass screen protector

In the past few years, as the smart phone market developing so rapidly, the sales of smart phone screen protector increases rapidly too.

However, the quality of the normal screen protector is so bad. They are soft and easy to scratch, they are weak and not enough to protect the screen. They are so cheap and low quality, but not enough to be as a protector.

People in Europe and America tend to find a better quality mobile phone screen protector, such as the Remax tempered glass screen protector, which is only about 8 USD. You will never like using the 1 USD weak screen protector to protect your 500 USD smart phone, will you?

I would like to recommend the Remax tempered glass screen protector to you my friends today.

Remax tempered glass screen protector specification:

For models: iPhone, SAMSUNG
Material: Tempered glass
Thickness: 0.23mm
Surface hardness: 9H

8 reasons why to choose Remax tempered glass screen protector

  1. Shatterproof screen, scratch-proof, anti-collision, multiple functions. Perfect protection for your phone.

12. Stress layer thickness: 12U

Surface hardness: 8-9H

23. High-temperature steel processing can slow down the strong collision impact force to prevent bursting.

34. Clear screen, highlight the three-dimensional without leaving fingerprints, giving you an unprecedented visual impact.

45. Reducing the reflection of sunlight.

UV blocking



6. Waterproof anti-oil, perfect to protect your love machine.

67. Rounder edges that are safe, durable and crashproof.

It’s recommended.

78. High sensitivity touch, prolonged use without fatigue glasses. So you could not bear to let go.



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