Have you got Xiaomi Mi pad? Here are the testing when I get it!

204442k3799og03b9gdgci.jpg.thumbXiaomi Mi pad has the same characteristic as the other Xiaomi products, good quality, reasonable price, high cost performance. As a Chinese cell phone wholesaler, especially for Xiaomi cell phone, I would to give you the latest testing results of Mi pad.

Mi pad is the first tablet in the world which uses NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. It uses the NVIDA Kepler GPU, which includes 192 pcs NVIDIA CUDA core, in order to offer the best experience for game player. It has 2GB LPDDR3 and 16GB eMMC high speed flash, if it’s no enough for you, it also has the 128GB scalable memory cad. The battery is 6700mAh. 800W rear camera and 500W front camera, enable you to catch the fantastic moment.

Now I will show you the testing results:

It has the 7.9 inch high resolution IPS screen, 326 ppi, 2048*1536. 204448bpwgwa1idebgdieo.jpg.thumb The color display is fantastic and beautiful. 204458vipwttpjrwtcigf9.jpg.thumb 204504dovkzgnel8jn3kaj.jpg.thumb You can see the screen clearly for many angles. 204817lkybiaavaaocnkon.jpg.thumb The functional key has the white backlight. 204511yag9clzlmaaldalw.jpg.thumb Back cover of Mi pad is shining and feels comfortable. 204517ebw3w2nm4fyb3h2w.jpg.thumb Front camera 500W and the message light. 204523uoyqoo8s8zsvuqnz.jpg.thumb The headset jack on the top of Mi pad. 204532hmi1hh8z3834h4ro.jpg.thumb The power key and volume key on the side. 204543l5h6m6tjei9jyfzz.jpg.thumb USB connector on the bottom. 204557vcgzou4h5o7074gc.jpg.thumb The double speaker hole on the back. 204604ts8pwhfu66rr68n7.jpg.thumb 204613xwshwnns4zsfss4i.jpg.thumb Rear 800W camera. 204620yym1yy0b26mbgm6m.jpg.thumb TF card slot. 204629w91tw2mlrnnw6b5r.jpg.thumb MIUI system are the same as Xiaomi phone MIUI.

The WLAN connection speed of Mi pad is very fast, it also supports 2.4G and 5G. I use the Xiaomi router to connect the Mi pad with 5G, the speed is very fast, and signal is stable. The ability of Mi pad  to receive signal is strong. Compared with Redmi note, Mi pad can receive 7 wife signal at the same position, but Redmi note can only receive 4 wifi signal. 205212ymehii2hp2mj1iji.png.thumb The interface of music and video player. 205231fza30ygdaf6gdokk.png.thumb Rear camera has the concise interface and has the filter effects. 205253gmmkewmpet5h3et8.png.thumb Rear 800W camera filter effects pictures. 205310wpu7psccmmprsvmr.png.thumb Front 500W camera interface. It even has the beautifying function. 205312wh4g4vnr8vso8g7h.png.thumb The pictures taken by front camera. 204803fafqc6f616cj1ap5.jpg.thumb The pictures taken by rear camera. 204737up55nflqkqpokikm.jpg.thumb (1) 204752gzgq301k3ejfq3qw.jpg.thumb 204645bc7q8iizc45k9cu8.jpg.thumb 3D game testing. Mi pad works smoothly without pause. 205325hp66sl6ws0nwlfe6.jpg.thumb 205321syii6iynitp2ewcr.jpg.thumb 205336vgkkkzngc9nk1aa8.jpg.thumb Reading. The dimension of Mi pad is like a book. When you hold it , the dimension, the color, and the brightness are very similar with a paper book. Reading for a long time won’t make you uncomfortable. 204637c7q66mtddc74rtc6.jpg.thumb Battery life. Mi pad uses the LG/ATL lithium ion polymer batter which is 6700mAh matched with 5V, 2A power adapter. 205738nojlpg8qeaqq3oh8.png.thumb Testing from An Tu Tu Benchmark. 205341ipk8j4k844ia4e0f.jpg.thumb In conclusion, the testing since I received the Mi pad satisfies me. The workmanship and hardware are very good. Though Mi pad has something to improve, such as the system perfection, camera optimizing, heat dissipation, longer battery life, more applications and so on. We hope there will be the better and better Xiaomi products coming to the market.

Do you want to buy one?

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