Do you believe that you can get the original iPhone 5s 64G, Samsung S5 with 200 USD in China?

Though many foreign friends know that products which are made in China, usually come with low price, because China is the factory of the world.

China has the cheap labor power, and better and better technique. Things made in China usually impress people from all over the world by its good price. But do you think you can get the original foreign brand products, such as Apple, Samsung, with a low price too?

Many foreign companies have their products assembled in China, but not made in China. China does not have their core technique. They design in their own country. What China people get is the pay for their cheap labor force. In the meantime, the prices of the products may be very high in China because the products represent their design and brand value.
In other word, you can get the iPhone 5s 16G for about 4800 RMB(775 USD) in the market, and Samsung S5 about 5000 RMB(807 USD).

One foreign friend asks me that when I can offer the price of Xbox one (115 USD) which is at least 580 USD here, because he saw the website which claim the price is just 115 USD.

Do you believe it?

QQ截图20140712124509 QQ截图20140712124559 QQ截图20140712124634Some foreign friend may be cheated during foreign trade. Some cheaters use the very cheap price and very good products to attract you to pay for the bill. When you pay for the items, you may receive for the first few orders, or maybe not, but in the following orders, you will never receive them as the suppliers claim you will get. They can ship you empty box, high copy products, refurbished products, even rocks or rubbish. You will find it very hard, and take a long time to get the refund! Or impossible to get the refund, and give up finally. That’s how the cheater can exist.


1. If you find the price of the item very cheap which is claimed the original products, you need to figure out whether the price is reasonable or not. Because cheap price may come with low quality or fake. You may need to know the economics of the country or area, compare the price with other products in the market and same product in other market(such as markets in your own country.)

2. About the profits you can get from it. For example, if you can get iPhone 5s 64G with the price 189 USD, compare 189 USD with the price in the local market and in your country, how much you can earn from it? Is that price possible? Why no one knows that except you?

3. If you can’t guarantee the supplier is reliable or not, it’d better choose Paypal to pay the bill, which will be safer because you will be easier to get refund if something happens.

China is famous for the products which are made in China. Chinese products impress you with its good price and better and better quality. So buying the Chinese products is strongly recommended. Also Chinese local mobile phone brands become more and more popular all over the world, such as Xiaomi ,Huawei, Lenovo, Meizu, Coolpad, and so on. They are all cheap and with good quality.

Now I do the business of Chinese cell phone, if you’re interested in it, you can leave message or send me an email, York Lin


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