Selfie stick in Shenzhen China is getting more and more popular

Many people like to take a photo by mobile phone, but it is not easy you want to take a good photo on your own without a Selfie Stick.

Selfie Stick is an extensible stick with a cell phone holder screwed together on one end of the stick.

When you have an exiting moment to share with your friends, but this special moment might go away when you find someone to take a picture for you guys, then this Selfie is very valuable to you at this special time.

Right now,I will share a set of tool for selfie, just need the proper monopod, plastic sleeve and bluetooth camera shutter can be solved,and this a set of tool price is cheaper.

1、Wireless bluetooth camera shutter self-timer remote control

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2 、Extendable self selfie stick handheld monopod



3、Plastic sleeve for camera shutter to attach to monopod


4、Tripod stand

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