International Versions of Xiaomi Phones

If you are looking for the international versions of Xiaomi Phones, you are probably afraid that the Chinese versions are not good for your market because the packaging, language on the phone, chargers as well as user manual and some certificate like CE.

Xiaomi has been trying to grow and sell overseas, however, Xiaomi has some patent issues for overseas market, they need to be very careful when they want to sell to another country. In fact, Xiaomi has been selling very well in India and some East Asian countries, however if you are in the U.S. or Europe, Xiaomi does not have much presence there, and you don’t see much advertising from Xiaomi in your countries even though that you are seeing that there are more and more people in your area who have Xiaomi phones, so where do they get their Xiaomi Phones?

This is why we are in business. When Xiaomi is not officially selling in your country, we become very important to you, we adjusting Chinese Xiaomi Phones to “international versions”, we flash Chinese ROM to international ROM, we put an European chargers or adapter in the box, we put a user manual in your language if you needed, however the packaging box is still in both Chinese, the packaging for a customized box with your own printing costs you too much money because of the MOQ for this thing is very high, something like 10,000 to 100,000 pieces.

This is why we are in business because we add value to the transaction.


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