MIUI:The Improved Version of Shanzhai Products in Hua Qiang North

MIUI:The Improved Version of Shanzhai Products in Hua Qiang North


MIUI, the new product in mobile phone industry, becomes the dark horse in this field through the way “Hardware & Software & Internet service”. Numerous companies have taken Xiaomi Company as a role model and study its case. Also, there are countless people questioning the Xiaomi‘s quick sales, copying other products and sales data and so on. Lei Jun once said that Xiaomi’s pattern could be replicated. However, is this Xiaomi pattern worth being copied? How could we replicate it?

Xiaomi mobile phone model is based on the improved model of Shanzhai mobile phone in Hua Qiang North. Shanzhai products market has always made a lot of money. Even though Apple and Samsung Company occupy the market in China, but the Shanzhai market still gains success. With the rise of Xiaomi Company, Shanzhai market encounters its depression, though both two models have too much similarity. Referring to the mode of Shanzhai is not that embarrassing. Many manufacturers have done researches on Shanzhai mode with the purpose of learning Shanzhai innovation.


The target that MIUI accomplished is what Shanzhai mobile phones could not reach: that is branding. That is the unique thing of MIUI. Branding needs a lot of resources. Though Shanzhai mobile phones can earn a lot of money but when it is faced with the great input, the boss of those manufacturers cannot make up their mind. When compared with defeating others, what matters more is profit. However, MIUI is different from those products because MIUI has attracted more resources, fame and celebrities and a powerful leader Lei Jun, leading to a fact that other Shanzhai phones are defeated. Though MIUI has so many superiorities, Lei Jun still worried about MIUI’s prospect.

How could the Shanzhai phones bring profits? Speed up the production according to the taste of users and at the same time put the products into the market and adjust to its quality with low price. Later, start another business cycle. To sum up, “try to be quick enough”. Is that familiar? To ensure the smooth production chain and funds chain, the price should be accepted easily. Furthermore, Shanzhai phone is lacking in branding so they cannot earn extra money from its branding but to lower its price to occupy the market. Let’s take a look at MIUI phone. Consumers can purchase a higher-quality phone with less money. “High quality with reasonable price” means that the quality has low price. The fanciers are those who would like to use the best products at all costs. So the fancier of MIUI is not a real MIUI. It is just a word used to decorate the “High quality with reasonable price”. Some MIUI fan bought this phone because of its high quality not its low price. We know that iPhones are brilliant when it comes to application. So when you want to choose a phone with high quality, you should purchase iPhone but not MIUI. The products of MIUI Company are suitable for those two kinds of people: those who adore iPhone but don’t have enough money; those science geeks who cannot catch the trend of the society. Actually, the essence of low price and the package of “fancier” make users understand the overall product. That is what MIUI phone gets from the personal need.


The mode of MIUI is based on the Shanzhai mode, but it doesn’t mean that it is a Shanzhai phone. If MIUI Company wants to start his own brand, it is not very hard to understand that its quality must get rid of Shanzhai phone’s quality. However, the quality of Xiaomi phone is not as good as other phone’s. We must mention MIUI here. In the view of quality, Xiaomi finds some easy ways. The Nokia with qualified hardware was defeated, so Xiaomi won’t strive for excellence in hardware. So Xiaomi chooses to reveal the higher quality from MIUI. So when it comes to Xiaomi phone, MIUI came into being first and then the Xiaomi phones. It is different from other manufacturers who developed them both at the same time. That is why ZTE Huawei CoolPad Lenovo is surpassed by Xiaomi easily. Xiaomi created a good hardware, but other manufacturers created a set of UI for hardware. The point of doing things is different so the center attention is different. Naturally, the results are quite different.

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