Why do we need to have an interview with you before any business?

We are receiving a lot of inquiries from this website ShenzhenPhones.com, as we share some good information here. Some of the customers are very good, some of them are OK, but some of them are not suitable, and some of them are just bad.

We feel very frustrated when some potential customers call us names or say something bad to us when we reject to deal with them or answer their inquiries.

1. We are a reseller of phones, not a manufacturer, some people think we are a manufacturer, but we are not. We just distribute Chinese phones. We buy the phones from many different sources and sell them overseas in bulks, not retail one piece to end customers, and a lot of the inquiries we receive are from the people who look to buy one phone or two for their own use or their friend and they are trying to negotiate a wholesale price with us. If you are trying to buy one or two phone, it is better that you go to the e-commerce websites like Amazon where our customers sell the phones. We let our customers or “business partners” handle the sales to the consumers.

2. As you can see from point 1, our customers should be able to handle the customer services to their customers as well as customer complaint, because the used phones or even new phones might malfunction or the consumers can’t operate the phones properly and try to make a complaint.

3. What we are looking for are more like “business partners”, we share knowledge with each other and both of us share profit from the trade. Our business partners need to not just handle the customer services and complaint as well as phone return, but also they need to know how to import phones into their countries. We here only take care of phone exporting, get out of China, but you as an importer need to bring the phones through your customs. And we find out that a lot of potential customers have no idea about that.

There are many more points I can put here, but I won’t have time to share some information also with my competitors.

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