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Hong Kong Global Xiaomi Phones in Good Prices

 Hong Kong Global Xiaomi Phones are required by our overseas customers, they are looking only international versions, they need all the packaging box and user manual in English, those phones are completely international and can work with all different carriers worldwide. These phones are available only in Hong Kong, and the problem in Hong Kong is that the operations are not easy and expensive. If you have been to Hong Kong, you should know that Hong Kong is such a crowded place, the warehouse fee is very expensive and the handling for shipping is also expensive.

Another problem with global phones in Hong Kong is that the stocks are not always available, so when you need some models of Xiaomi international, we need to contact different suppliers to see who have them in stocks, and if the suppliers have very little stocks, the prices are usually very high. But we keep in touch with different suppliers and they are willing to share their inventory situations with us, that is why we send you a newsletter once in a while, when we see some suppliers have a lot of stocks for a model and want to get rid of them so that we get a good price. However, in such situation, only one model with one particular color is available, if you want a different color, the price might be much more.

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We will highlight some special models in particular colors and offer you good prices, see the link below.


We make the work of price update very easy for our staff with very good tools and paid software. It is better if you come back to see our updates of prices on our website. We tried to send you newsletters for smartphone price update, but we find out that only 20% of your guys open our emails. Or we can keep in touch and get updates from our WeChat.



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  1. Hi,
    My name Tonny, i am looking xiaomi phone latest model, i can buy in large qty, do you have any possibilities i can buy xiaomi phone?

  2. Hello,

    I am looking to buy large quantity of Xiaomi Global Spec mobile phones. Please reach out to me to sell your goods.

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