What are the real prices of Huawei Phones now 2 weeks after the attack from the U.S.? Do you believe that Value Of Flagship $1150 P30 Pro Comes Crashing Down To $130

I have been told by many people in the last few days that the Huawei phone prices are now 90% off, and I did some research and found out that all these sayings come from one source, the post from Zak Doffman who writes about  security and surveillance, it was posted on Forbes, a very big company, see this link https://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/2019/05/26/huawei-price-shock-value-of-flagship-1150-p30-pro-comes-crashing-down-to-130/#346a5e6a15a9

So how did this guy Zak came to the conclusion that the price drops from $1150 To $130 for a P30 Pro? He does not mention if it is 64GB, 128GB or 256GB, but it does not matter. Well, he got this information from various websites that offer to buy Huawei phones, if you are smart, you see my point and no need to continue to see my post. Yes, that is right, I am willing to offer 1 RMB to buy a Huawei P30 Pro in good condition, and make it as a clickbait post.

Below is one of the websites that offer to buy your Huawei P30 Pro for 100 pounds, this is the main website this Forbes author Zak talked about,

And when I try to check how much this website offer to sell Huawei P30 Pro, obviously this model P30 Pro is not available but I did see that they offer to sell other models of Huawei phones. Here are what I found now as of today May 29th 2019. There are no phones that are below 100 pounds, only a media pad with WiFi, no phone call feature, is 79.99 pounds. P30 and P30 Pro are the latest series, P20, P10, and P9 are still very expensive to get. HUAWEI P20 Pro 128GB Twilight UNLOCKED is 459.99 pounds, around 588 USD. Last year P20 was about the same price , 580 USD in China.

Why will Forbes post such an article for Huawei? Create a panic? Attach people’s attention? Or there are other motivations?

There is no question that the demand for Huawei phones outside of China get decreased for the next 1 or 2 years after suppliers being cut off from the U.S. government, but it does mean that the prices will drop down (price is determined by both supply and demand). I don’t see that the demand for Huawei Phones will decrease in mainland China, in fact, more people here will buy Huawei phones because people here don’t really need to use all Google APP’s since Google was banned in China 10 years ago, but it does not mean Google is not allowed to do business with Chinese companies, Google has been working with Huawei, Xiaomi and many other companies since then. If the consumers are concerned about the upgrades of the next version of Huawei phones, Huawei will not ship outside of China, of ship less. For the current versions and the past versions of Huawei phones, Google will still continue their support. And I guess Huawei will have to use their own OS for the next versions of their phones. their OS is called Hongmeng, and Huawei said all the Android App’s will be compatible, so I assume that Hongmeng is based on Android which is open source, and Huawei will, therefore, use their framework services instead of google framework services, and still all the Android APP’s like Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail will still be able to installed on Hongmeng system. Google Play Store alternatives are trying to work with Huawei. It does not make sense to have just one dominant APP store on an open source Operating System that is “based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software“.

A lot of people are concerned that Huawei might die because Google, ARM and so many other key companies are not doing business with Huawei. It is obviously that Huawei phone and computer business sectors might be affected in a short period of time, maybe one year or two before Hongmeng system gets polished and accepted by the consumers, however, these business sectors are not the key, although the sales amount of these sectors are pretty high, close to 50%, but the profit from phones and computers are extremely low, most of the profit was taken by the American companies. Huawei’s main profit is from their network devices, in the future the profit is from 5G network, Huawei is so dominant in 5G and Huawei is now not worried about their capability on building 5G network.

Here are the prices that I toke from the market today from both retail and wholesale sellers. These prices are real prices, the most discount you can get if you are a regular buyer is maximum 5 to 10 RMB.

Huawei P30 Pro 8GB+256GB is 6770 RMB in wholesale, which is 980 USD.


If you don’t trust these are the prices people here use to trade in phones, you can also check from eBay and check only the selling history. Not just one or two websites that offer some money to buy your used phones.

Here is a video that talks about what happened to Huawei phone prices.

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