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  1. Hello, i will be in shenzhe from 14th to 20th October. Can we meet? I need refurbish about 150pcs original LCDs for iPhone 5-6S Plus. Is ot possible?

    Thank you
    Jakub Kugler

  2. Dear sir/madam
    I would like to make a order for Houwai and Lenovo .
    So kindly please send me some information about your product and company.

  3. Dear Concern,
    dont you have Motorolla or Samsung… If yes kindly send thier price list to my Email and i would love to make order for Lenovo so kindly share information regarding Payment terms and shipping method And MOQ/sample


    • Hi Salman,

      We update our price list on a regular basis, please come to visit our website when you need prices. We also put our payment terms and shipping information on our website as well.

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