Today Chinese phone market is growing at a rapid pace. With the rate and pace it is growing nowadays, it will very soon surpass the likes and sales of Apple and Samsung.Chinese phone makers have been queuing up for huge amount of market share possibly overtaking the smartphone giants Apple and Samsung in and around China. Due to the overwhelming success of the Chinese phone brands the distributors and sellers of these brands of phone have also increased.

Non availability of these phones abroad makes it difficult for these phone makers to sell their brand of phones abroad. Since, it becomes very difficult for customers abroad to avail these phones some small companies have taken an initiative to start selling these phones to overseas customers. We at Shenzhen (An Ecommerce Website) have been
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Chinese brand of phone makers Xiaomi has been selling its range of phones to countries such as India, China and some eastern countries online. With its online selling platform initiative Xiaomi has become one of the leading producers of smartphone handsets and soon to surpass the records set by leading smartphone makers. Xiaomi phones have now started circulating the offline process and in China, Xiaomi has already started selling its brand of phones offline.

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