Teams and Conditions

Teams and Conditions updated on May 23rd, 2018

  1. Terms and Conditions:

    1. The prices that we send you are just for reference, at the moment when you send us payment, we will book the stocks for you and the prices will not be changed, so please send us confirmation of your bank slip when you make a payment to us.
    2. The term of trade is Ex-Work Shenzhen, EXW means that a buyer incurs the risks for bringing the goods to their final destination if you do a Google Search, that also means that when you need to return phones, please bring them to us. However, return of phones to Shenzhen is not a good option, because of VAT and customs duty. This is why we need a local partner in your country so that he can serve you locally, if we don’t have a partner in your country, usually we will not sell to you unless you read and accept all the terms here and want to take the risk.
    3. MOQ is 100 phones per order, you can mix different models in one order, the reason why we require you to buy 100 phones is because there is a basic cost for purchasing, handling and shipping. We will charge you a little more if you are going to buy less.
    4. Delivery Time depends on your order, usually 2 to 3 working days for an order of 100 phones.
    5. Shipping cost is around 4 USD per phone with an order of over 100 phones, if you are going to ship less, there will be an additional charge of 25 USD per shipment. Usually we ship to Europe and U.S.A by DHL, please contact us for accurate shipping cost for your country.
    6. Customs clearance and customs duty in your country should be taken care of by our customers which are yourselves. The buyers/importers are responsible for any fee or risk for the customs clearance and duty.
    7. Insurance is taken care of by the buyers, the seller is not responsible if the goods get lost during transportation, it is always good if the buyer has an agent or forwarder to take care of the shipping, or we can help you buy insurance here in China which is 1%, if you would like to buy insurance, we will put the insurance cost on the PI, if you don’t see insurance fee on the invoice, that means insurance is not paid.
    8. Payments are acceptable with Bank transfer, Western Union, as well as Paypal for small orders.
    9. Spare parts and Accessories can be offered, we need you to be able to provide customer care and repair in your country.
    10. Warranty is provided in China according to the official warranty policy from the manufacturers, and shipping phones back to China is difficult, that is why you are required to offer some simple repair services to your customers.
    11. Specifications are available on the official websites like, you can check if the phones you want will work or not from this 3rd-party website, we are not related or part of